This is PyTVision - a set of Python bindings for Turbo Vision.

The distribution includes a version of Turbo Vision, with removed streams and
some other minor modifications, to simpify wrappers and reduce bloat. (There
are plans to create even smaller version of Turbo Vision, by adding a
preprocessor definition, that disables its rarely used features).

The current version PyTVision compiles under Linux and under DOS using
DJGPP/PythonD (although creating proper compile environment under DOS
is a non-trivial task).


To build the module you will need swig 1.3.21.

Use the following to build the module and run the example under Linux:

cd tvision-py
sh configure --no-intl
cd ..

python build --build-lib .

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PWD/tvision-py/makes